The Goddess Letters

The Goddess Letters

Cover Design by Cindy Cohn
Missing Voice Publications

The dreams hold Selena prisoner.  Without warning they carry her to bloody battles, a chat with Socrates, or the gardens of an ancient goddess who reveals the truth of women’s betrayal.  Then Selena is returned to her bed where it often takes days to recover.

The blessing in Selena’s life is Rob.  He has loved her since their college days in Chicago, yet even he isn’t sure if his outspoken girlfriend is crazy, some kind of prophet, or an idiosyncratic mixture of both.   But before Rob can decide, the dreams create chaos and he soon finds himself married to Becca in Chicago, while Selena lives in LA, now a popular actress.  All Rob has left is an occasional exchange of letters with his lost love.

Years later, Selena and Rob’s lives collide when the dreams reunite them in horrifying nightmares controlled by Jacobi, who will kill to maintain the patriarchal world he helped create.  But Selena has learned a staggering truth that could help women claim cultural equality, and despite Jacobi’s potent threats, she considers sharing all she knows.  Yet can one woman make a difference in a world on the edge? 

The Goddess Letters is a tale of love and cultural crisis that celebrates heroes and unlikely visionaries.  A testament to passion of all kinds, it honors those who have the courage to fight for the old, be it love, beliefs, or entire civilizations.